Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekly menu plan! 11/19-11/26

Weekly  menu plan 11/19-11/26

breakfast- pancakes with maple syrup
lunch- tuna and rice crackers with veggies and homemade allergy free dip
dinner- Chicken, veggie and rice soup with gluten free foccasia bread
snack- goat yogurt in a gluten free ice cream cone topped with blackberries

breakfast- omelette's
lunch- turkey sandwich with green smoothies
dinner- Elk Tacos with rice and beans
snack- gluten free lemon coconut blondies

breakfast- loaded oatmeal
lunch- hummus with organic corn chips, peppers, carrots and cucumbers
dinner- BBQ chicken enchiladas with quinoa and a balsamic salad
snack- pears

breakfast- eggs, potatoes and hot sauce
lunch- turkey dogs, black beans chips and homemade salsa
snack- do we really need snacks on Thanksgiving??

breakfast- gluten free hot cereal
lunch- rice cakes with homemade sunflower butter and fruit
dinner- leftovers.... yes!
snack- leftover pie :)

breakfast- loaded oatmeal
lunch- hummus with organic corn chips, peppers, carrots and cucumbers
dinner- allergy free version of the Pioneer Woman's meatballs over rice with a big salad
snack- goat yogurt in a gluten free ice cream cone topped with blueberries

breakfast- eggs, potatoes and hot sauce
lunch- turkey sandwich with green smoothies
dinner- gluten free pizza and salad
snack- veggies, rice crackers and dip

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

My new favorite salad dressing.

So.....I ran out of oil and I was trying to think of something else I could use for our salad tonight! Then it dawned on me that I have 20lbs of apples! This is so yummy. Double yummy.

Oil-free Apple Basil Dressing

1 large Gala apple should equal approx. 2c of liquid ( or you could use apple juice)
1/4c coconut vinegar
1/4c apple cider vinegar (or just 1/2c apple cider vinegar)
4-5 fresh basil leaves (or 1tsp dried basil)
i clove garlic (or 1/2 tsp. dried garlic)
1/2 tsp. Redmond's Real Salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 packets of stevia

Put all in your blender and enjoy! We are serving ours over a spinach, red cabbage, jalapeno salad. Yum-O!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Menu Plan for 9/5-9/12

New week, new food! My hubby and I got out for the day this weekend, did our big once a month shopping trip and had lunch out! It was so fun, we laughed alot! Boy, I love that guy. Anyways....back to food... here it is, the new weekly menu plan. :)

Menu Plan for 9/5-9/12

breakfast- fall coconut muffins with goat yogurt
lunch- black bean tostadas with guacomole tomatillo salsa
dinner- Spaghetti squash topped with chicken and homemade marinara sauce and balsamic salad
snack- homemade kettle corn

breakfast- cereal with coconut milk and sliced bananas
lunch-tuna sandwiches with rice chips and grapes
dinner- turkey tacos with homemade cuban black beans and chips and homemade salsa
snack- cookie dough dip (made with chickpeas!) with sliced apples, carrots and gf animal crackers

breakfast- eggs with brown rice toast
lunch- leftover chicken and potatoes with baby carrots
dinner- bible study potluck
snack- healthy rice krispie bars

breakfast- loaded oatmeal
lunch- turkey sandwiches with veggie sticks and fruit
dinner- chicken tortilla soup topped with chips and sliced avocados
snack- green smoothies

breakfast- overnight gf hot cereal topped with bananas and maple agave
lunch- hummus, organic chips, peppers and strawberry spinach smoothies
dinner- breakfast burritos
snack- gf ice cream cones filled with goat yogurt and raspberries

breakfast- eggs and potatoes with hot sauce
lunch- tostadas with black beans and homemade salsa
dinner- homemade gf pizza with a greek salad
snack- quinoa cereal bars

breakfast- grain free coffee cake with blueberries
lunch- leftover gf pizza with veggie sticks
dinner- date, shallot and rosemary chicken over quinoa with sauteed balsamic collard greens
snack- kids choose or bake something themselves

Monday, August 27, 2012

Simplifying life in the kitchen.

I had a couple ideas on how to simplify life in your kitchen and I thought
I would share them and hopefully bless some other Mamas/Wives!

Amazing kitchen time saving tip #1
- Hire a Chef. Just kidding.

Ok seriously one of the things I do to save time is once a month my sweet friend and I get together and we have a massive baking day. We do plan ahead what recipes we would like to bake and make sure we have all of the ingredients we need. We usually bust out approx. 12-16 gf, df, recipes! We make anything from breads, cookies, snacks, coffee cake, muffins, hummus, salsa,  dips, bars, etc. But here's the kicker.... we hardly bake any of it. We just get the batters/dough prepared and then put it in large baggies and then store them in the freezer/ refrigerator. That way we can guarantee healthy, freshly baked yummies all month without messing up the kitchen! It has been an amazing blessing and frees up so much time! Plus I get to fellowship with my friend, our children have all day to play and our husbands usually go fishing, it's a win/win situation for all!  My friend usually brings her kitchen aid mixer (and I use mine) and then we each just pick a recipe and double or quadruple it then put it in 2 different bags, one for her, one for me.  This enables us to get alot more done!

Another tip is to double your dinners. Things like soups, casseroles, batters (such as bread, waffles, pizza crust) and shredded meats ( bbq chicken, shredded beef) all freeze well. Just double your dinners and freeze the other half so you can pull it out on a busy day and still supply your family with a delicious, nutritious meal!

My last tip is to grocery shop monthly. I will never look back and grocery shop weekly again! Some of you may be thinking "Wait! How does her produce stay good?" "What about her bread?" Etc.. Ok so here it is.... I grocery shop the 2nd week of the month and I usually hit Costco, Trader Joes, Target, etc. This is where I spend the bulk of my monthly grocery budget. And yes I shop for the month, and yes I usually only take one child (date time!) with me well because frankly, I couldn't fit anymore in the car with all those groceries!! I also try to get one big roast or chicken that I can use the meat for atleast 3 different dinners but cook it all at once and freeze what I don't need right away. I get enough bread for the month but then freeze what I don't need right away, if I run out, I make some!` Also I order from Azure Standard every month which comes the 4th week of the month. This order consists mainly of gf bread, coconut milk, hot dogs (for lunches), chips, some produce (to ensure we have fresh produce all month!), grains, potatoes, etc. Then around the first week of the month I order from Vitacost, this order consists mainly of vitamins, cereal, snacks, etc. Lastly the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month I either order from bountiful baskets or on our library days I run into the Farmer's Market store and pick up veggies and fruit. It takes me all of 10 minutes and I am done! So you see we are receiving fresh food every week of the month but it mostly comes to my door, saving on my time, gas money and spending more money than your budget would allow. I admit it did take me awhile to figure out this system and how much money it would take but I will tell you it has been worth every minute it took me to perfect it! Well it's not perfected but it works!

Time is precious whether you have 1 or 10 sweet kids at home, whether you work out of the home or in it, homeschool or not, it's precious. Let's spend it wisely! I hope this blesses some of you! It was definitely not to overwhelm you, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Blessings!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Menu Plan for 8/24- 8/31

It's not fancy, not my best but here it is: our menu plan for the next week. :)

breakfast- gf, df, egg free, sf banana bread with cantaloupe
lunch- bean and avocado tostadas
dinner- Cajun chicken on brown rice pasta with sauteed crooked neck squash (from our garden!)
snack- strawberry smoothie topped with granola

breakfast- loaded oatmeal
lunch- tuna with gf crackers, carrot sticks and apple slices
dinner- roasted corn chowder with gf dinner rolls
snack- popcorn popped in coconut oil

breakfast- gf cereal with coconut milk and sliced strawberries
lunch- fried egg sandwiches on gf bread with df, sf orange julius smoothies
dinner- gf pizza with a big balsamic salad
snack- rice cakes with sunflower butter

breakfast- eggs, potatoes and hot sauce (a fav!)
lunch- bean and avocado tostadas
dinner- sweet lemon pepper chicken over quinoa and a Greek salad
snack- goat yogurt in a gluten free ice cream cone topped with blueberries

breakfast- gf hot cereal topped with maple agave and seeds (flax, chia, sunflower)
lunch- sunflower butter and raw honey sandwiches with fruit and veggies with dip
dinner- breakfast! (waffles, turkey bacon, eggs and green smoothies!)
snack- df hot chocolate with df, gf, sf, egg free oatmeal cookies

breakfast- vanilla goat yogurt and berries over quinoa
lunch- hummus with organic corn chips and a cabbage salad
dinner- we eat dinner with our bible study groups on wed. nights :)
snacks- green smoothies

breakfast- eggs, potatoes and hot sauce
lunch- turkey sandwiches with rice chips
dinner- spicy pineapple grilled chicken salad with organic chips and homemade salsa
snack- gf pretzels dipped in sunflower butter

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Awakening Beauty

This is a podcast/website my dear friend and I have been working on. We just want to share our hearts as believers, mamas and wives! We want to thrive as God designed us! Have a listen and let me know what you think! Thank you!

This is the link to the newest podcast:

The website is: